Nightmares Up Close

Creep out your Tweens and Teens with this 

magical literary program!

Complete with a macabre collection of authentic hands-on artifacts, participants will examine an amazing array of history's creepiest mysteries. And each TRUE tale ends with a spooky, spine-tingling twist!

We'll expand on the Jivaro Shrunken Heads, shine light on the truth about Vampires, and reveal who Jack the Ripper may have really been. Sink or swim as we explore the Titanic tragedy and escape into the mysterious death of Houdini, 

among other gripping tales.

This presentation is based on the many books that have been written about these hauntingly REAL historical events. As such, this 45 minute program includes a bibliography to encourage attendees to check out authors and books for a more 

in depth look into these spooky events.

Your Tweens and Teens will love getting creeped out

by this magical literary program!

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your Tweens and Teens will thank you!


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